Sunday, September 12, 2010

The fall means pickles!

I spend the better part of fall helping my sister with the craft shows that she signs up for.  Now these are not your grandmother's craft shows.  They are usually called Indie Craft shows and they are awesome (except for the few stinky hippies, which scare me a little).  The main thing that my sister started with and is still a big seller for her are her pickles.  We sell four different types of actual pickles along with some other pickled items and jams.  While my sister has branched out to other non edible items, it is the pickles that consume our time and keep the customers looking for us.  

I spent last saturday and today in our church's kitchen making pickles.  It has gotten to the point where pickles have officially started taking over at least half of our weekends.  Next weekend I will be spending my sunday in the church kitchen again canning more pickles and making jams.  The first weekend in October marks our first show of the season.  We will spend every weekend either selling our wears or making wears from now until the second weekend of December. 

I love making pickles and selling pickles with my sister as it allows me to get out of the house and spend time with my sister, who is my best friend.  This does pose a problem with my resolution to change things around by my 27th birthday.  I think it will throw a new dynamic into everything and make me focus a little more on what I truly want in life or it could send me into a tail spin.  Only time will tell.

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