Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Been a busy couple of weeks

The past few weeks have been awfully busy here in Florida.  I have been baking and crafting with my sister.  We have many festivities at work for Halloween and there was a Halloween baby shower for my sister's sister-in-law this past week across the state.  At work there was even a baking contest/bake sale where I got first and third place in the tastiest category.  I made Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake in cupcakes and topped with my peanut butter buttercream which earned me first and then I made miniature versions of the pumpkin creme pies from Tasty Kitchen which earned third.  In addition to these I submitted peanut butter and jelly cupcakes.  On top of making these items for the bake off, I made a batch of the creme pies, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, as well as a six inch cake for the baby shower this weekend.  Once we returned to this coast on Sunday afternoon, I baked a quick red velvet cake to make a batch of cake balls and cup cake bites for two birthdays at work.  

As the world knows, Sunday was Halloween.  We got ready by buying candy and decking the dogs in their holiday gear.  Fame has a wonderful orange jester collar with jingle bells on the points.  Rudy dressed as a bucking bull, complete with a stuffed cowboy riding on his back holding on for dear life.  The only problem was that they did not get to show off their outfits to many people.  As a whole our neighborhood does not get that many trick-or-treater's but this year was especially slow.  I believe that we got 10 kids tops on our street.  We closed up shop by 8:30 and went in and enjoyed our evening  after a long weekend.  

There is not much else going on from here.  I am planning on spending this week doing laundry, cleaning out my DVR and spending time with my dog.  Since I have been so busy in the kitchen he hasn't gotten to spend much time with me and I can tell he misses playing around the house when I get home from work.  

Thanks for listening to me and I promise to be better about posting, this is all new to me.