Monday, October 11, 2010

Check up

I had an appointment last Monday with my oncologist and was told that everything is still looking good, no biopsies and everything came back alright from the last ones.  He did mention that losing weight is going to help keep the cancer at bay and is probably to blame for it in the first place.  He mentioned that there might be some local exercise groups for cancer survivors that I may be able to join for little to no money.  I am hoping I can find one so that I can get some activity that isn't just me trying to do stuff on my own.  This was good news to follow a wonderful weekend at a craft show with my sister.

Stitch Rock rocked this weekend!  We had fun seeing all of the people and getting to shop around.  Jessi and I like these shows because at some of the bigger shows, we get to see the crafters we like being around but only see a couple times a year.  We have even gotten a little following of people in the area that show up to the shows just to buy some pickles or jam.  We bought art, got baby shower gifts, and had a blast.  There is not much more going on here.  I have just been working and starting to plan for bake off at work this Halloween.

This week I will be preparing a couple different desserts for a bake off for a picnic that my sister's department is throwing.  Any ideas of what I could make that will blow their socks off?

Signing off for now!


ps-sorry it has been so long since my last post.

Friday, October 1, 2010

First show of the season

My week of peace and quiet was not so peaceful.  I spent my week driving my sister around and making things for work.  Nothing worked out as planned in regards to that part of the week.  This week has been spent prepping for my sister's first craft show of the season.  Tomorrow my brother-in-law, sister and I will be embarking in a 4 1/2 hour car ride to the other coast of Florida for Stitch Rock.  The car ride down the turnpike should be fun and enjoyable as we always have fun together.  I just feel sorry for my brother-in-law, he has to deal with my sister and me in a confined space for hours.  The two of us have a tendency to act a little weird when together for an amount of time, not to mention all of our inside jokes and crazy sister antics.  

I spent Monday and Tuesday cutting out 74 burp clothes out of flannel for my sister to sew so that we could sell them with the rest of our items.  I have spent the better part of my Thursday prepping by cleaning jars and putting fabric tops on them.  We have made in preparation for the crafting season 23 dozen jars of pickles, jams, apple butter, pickled okra and a few other items canned items.  We are hoping that this year rocks and that people come and have fun at the craft shoe.  Oh and this year, they have BBQ!  

That is all for now, I will post how the shoe goes later as that it what has been consuming my life this week.  

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S.- If you are in the Delray Beach area on the 2nd, stop by Stitch Rock at Old School Square.  The doors are open 12-6pm.  

P.P.S.- the holidays are coming so skip the mall and buy homemade.